The founder based in Japan registered NASON (Tian Jin) Technology Development Co.,Ltd in Tian Jin on 16th May, 2017. Following the trend that the increase of products categories and the advancing of quality service in the domestic market, and based on the understanding of Japanese society and business model, we structured a solid and steady logistics supply chain. Not only to guarantee the quality of goods, but also to ensure safe logistics transportation service due to transparency.

NASON aims to provide satisfactory service for both supply and demand parties. We also service for brand ----since we deeply know the meaning of brand, what we present to consumers is definitely the faithful brand image. We provide meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service, and deliver the professional quality and customer care of Japanese service industry. Meanwhile, we are willing to make our own contribution to improve domestic productivity more fully and better balanced, and to help build a high-quality market.

            About HAKOTOYO Corporation:

The initiator Mr. Teramura established a warehousing and distribution company in Tokyo in 1918, and transferred it to HAKOTOYO Corporation by enterprise share stock system reconstruct in 1956. After accumulated and passed on over decades, HAKOTOYO Corporation reached a solid business and trust relationship with many publishers and education institutions. Besides, because of association with plenty of well-known logistics companies, HAKOTOYO Corporation has the capability of global customs and distribution. In 1987, HAKOTOYO Corporation started to dabble in Internet business, and already cooperated with Rakuten Global Market on network sales. Optimism about maturing Chinese market, we reach a high degree of consensus with China-based team on globalization and E-commerce perspectives. In 2017, HAKOTOYA Corporation funded to establish NASON (Tian Jin) Technology Development Co.,Ltd to promote the development of international trade and E-commerce marketing.


About APPLE ONE Inc :

Since its appearance in the first year of Heisei(1989), the brand has been popular in the world with“ Glowing Puzzles in the Dark”. It has received praise with “Color-changing Puzzles”. It has also displayed elegant values with gold foil and paper puzzles. It desires to develop products that will make guests spirit pleased, now it has taken the lead in developing the “Night Light Puzzles" to create a new generation of trends. There are various commodity types with special styles, such as Color-Changing puzzles that change the color with the temperature, gold foil and paper puzzles made of advanced and paper materials, etc. In addition, it is fond of cooperating with writers who are highly artistic in the world and have rich topics, in order to provide more freedom and happiness of choice for guests.

In early 2019, stock company APPLEONE and NASON (Tian Jin) Technology Development Co.,Ltd. reached a common cooperation consensus in exploiting the Chinese market.


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